Housebreaking & Possible Problems

When housebreaking (toilet training) your Papillon, or another other breed in general, you will no doubt face some issue that could drive you to drink. However, like most things, practice, patience and consistency are key. The puppy is not stupid and if it is raining, windy or cold, they will of course prefer to conduct toilet business indoors on the loyal newspaper. This could also be said for the owner, you, yourself must be aware that come rain or shine the procedure must be followed. Getting your Papillon into a strict routine is the first step to successful housebreaking. 

A young Papillon pup should be encouraged at a steady pace, start by moving the newspaper closer to the front/back door, leaving a little of his scent for encouragement on the paper. Some owners believe this will lead to the puppy waiting at the door to be taken out. I have found that this only tells the dog that his business should be done at the door as this is as far as it has been shown. If possible as soon as the pup walks to the newspaper/door escort it outside on a leash. A leash is imperative to training, as this is what he/she will most likely be conducting toiletry matters on in future walks. This in itself also accustoms them to the leash and keeps them focused on the matter in hand. If the pup is simply let loose in the garden, enclosed or not, they will quickly lose sight of the purpose and start to play or be distracted by its surroundings. It is also important that the trips are brief. If after a few minutes, the pup shows no signs, place back within the house, but be fore warned that the approach was taken to the newspaper, so keep a close eye for the pup walking to the paper once more. This can be a monotonous task but you will find once this procedure has been fulfilled a couple of times, it will be second nature to the pup that he must go to the door and wait to be taken out.

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Jack December 14th, 2008 at 2:44 am

Papillon Training…

Nifty is the word I would use to describe this….

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